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Reloading cast bullets

Wads. Whether you want to save a few bucks on range day or prepare for whatever might come, we have the reloading supplies that you need. If you need dies, presses, and scales, we carry the best from RCBS, Lee, Hornady, and more. Looking for gunpowder? We stock Hodgdon, Alliant, IMR, Accurate, and all of the top brands. Need bulk bullets in.

Cast Bullets Reloads; Description and prices of cast bullets. The following bullets (see exceptions) are of a lead alloy consisting of: 92% lead, 6% antimony, 2% tin and .001% silver for a BHN of approximately 16. Caliber. Description. Picture. Diameter. Price per 100: Price per 500: 25-20: 89gr. FNGC or PB.258: $12.95: NA: 30:.

When casting bullets from unknown or uncertain scrap sources the bullet caster may run into problems mixing an acceptable or quality alloy. If a ladle or pour fails to fill out the mold completely and/or has a wrinkled look in some parts of a cast bullet, the addition of tin to the alloy will most often fix this issue.

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45 ACP 230 Grain Round Nose lead cast bullets ready to ship now! These bullets feature a lubed groove in a precision cast round nose bullet profile. We have expanded the product line to include lead bullets as many customers have requested a more economic alternative to plated, jacketed, or hollow point projectiles. Quantity Discount as Follows:.

You must also keep cast bullet loads under 1800 f.p.s. for hunting and under 1600 f.p.s. for target work. A cleaned and restored bore will usually give good accuracy with cast bullet loads if the bullet fits the chamber throat properly, is well lubricated and the velocities are kept below 1800 f.p.s.

H-110 should make a good powder for reloading with cast bullets, Lyman just doesn't show a load. I dug out my old RCBS Cast Bullet Manual and it does give a load for H-110 of from 22.2 grs. for 1411 fps. to 24.2 grs. for 1530 fps, (magnum primer), under their 429-240-SIL gas check bullet from a Ruger SBH with 7 1/2 in. barrel..

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